Think, create, Elastollan®

Elastollan® is the brand name for thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) from BASF. Over the last few decades, the numerous benefits of Elastollan® in all its forms – aromatic or aliphatic, very soft or glass fiber-reinforced, flame retardant or highly transparent – have been clearly demonstrated across every sector of industry.


Key Advantages of Elastollan®

  • High wear and abrasion resistance
  • High tensile strength and excellent tear resistance
  • High resistance against oils, greases, oxygen, and ozone
  • Very good low-temperature flexibility
  • Very good damping capacity


Elastollan® is the brand name for thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) from BASF. It stands for maximum reliability, consistent product quality and cost efficiency. Elastollan® can be extruded into hoses, cable sheathing, belts, films and profiles, and can also be processed using blow molding and injection molding technologies. 

This extensive product portfolio, which makes use of a variety of raw materials and formulations, is the starting point for successfully bringing innovative customer projects to fruition.

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Material Properties

Elastollan® features an extraordinary property profile combining elasticity with resistance over a wide range of temperatures. It is abrasion- and impact-resistant, has a good elastic recovery, is tear and kink-resistant as well as oil- and grease-resistant. Moreover, Elastollan® can be modified for specific applications, by glass-fiber reinforcement, for instance.

  • Chemical structure
  • Physical properties
  • Chemical properties
  • Fire Behavior
  • Food Contact


Processing Recommendations

Elastollan®, the thermoplastic PU elastomer (TPU) of BASF, which is developed, produced and marketed by BASF Polyurethanes for the European Market at the site in Lemförde, can be processed in a targeted manner using various methods.

Please find detailed recommendations in the brochure:

  • General Recommendations
  • Processing method injection molding
  • Processing method extrusion
  • Finishing Procedures
  • Machining
  • Quality management

All-rounder Elastollan

Series Type Chemistry Shore Hardness Range Properties  
11 Ether 70 to 75 D Excellent hydrolysis resistance, cold flexibility, resistance to microorganisms  
11 FHF Ether flame retardant 75 A to 54 D Non-halogen-based flame retardant, outstanding mechanical properties,
excellent hydrolysis resistance, resistance to microorganisms
12 Ether 85 A to 83 D Highly transparent, excellent hydrolysis resistance, cold flexibility,
resistance to microorganisms
12 FHF Ether flame retardant 70 D to 80 D Non-halogen-based flame retardant, outstanding mechanical properties, high rigidity, excellent hydrolysis resistance, resistance to microorganisms  
13 Ether 85 A to 90 D Water-vapor permeable, good tear propagation strength, very good mechanical properties  
C Ester 80 A to 75 D Excellent mechanical properties, very good damping behavior,
good rebound, very good wear resistance
B Ester
80 D to 65 D Very good mechanical properties, good cold flexibility, good wear resistance  
S Ester 70 A to 65 A Good mechanical properties, good wear resistance, good damping
behavior and rebound
500 Ester 85 A to 65 D Good mechanical properties, good abrasion resistance  
600 Ester 85 A to 83 D Transparent, good damping behavior and rebound  
700 Ester 70 A to 65 A Very good hydrolysis resistance, high wear resistance, very low
compression set, very good mechanical properties
800 Ester 75 A to 95 D Very good transparency, good abrasion resistance  
A Ether or ester aliphatic 65 A to 55 D Color-fast, non-yellowing, hydrolysis-resistant (ether)  
L Ether or ester aliphatic 75 A to 80 D Transparent, long-term UV-stability  
Supersoft Ester or ether
35 A to 65 A Very good wet grip, very flexible, very soft in part, highly transparent in part, ESD grades with very good volume resistivity  
HPM Ester 60 A to 55 D Very good damping behavior and rebound, high temperature resistance, improved setting behavior, good demolding properties, color-fast, soft touch  
HFFR Ether flame retardant 85 A to 92 A Non-halogen-based flame retardant, increased flame retardancy,
reduced smoke density and toxicity
CS Ester 70 A to 65 D Very good compression set, extremely low creep behavior  
R Ester-reinforced E-modulus 1000-17000 MPa
Glass fiber-reinforced, very high stiffness, low thermal expansion
coefficient, low shrinkage, very good impact resistance
Food Contact (FC) Ester or ether 70 A to 75 D Basic suitability for food contact applications in FDA and EU-regulated markets (see Food Contact Information)  
Hotbond Ester see technical product info Excellent adhesive properties, good solubility with a broad viscosity range  
Bondura Ester see technical product info Excellent adhesive properties, low activation temperature, good solubility with a broad viscosity range  

Especially Suitable for These Industries

Because of its unique property profile Elastollan® is particularly suitable for the use in the following industries.

Elastollan®for indutry.jpg

Elastollan® for Industrial Manufacturing

Typical applications include components for the mining industry and the production of wheels and rollers. These components have to withstand the most demanding conditions in terms of impact and abrasion. Thanks to its excellent mechanical properties, Elastollan® is used for screens and guide rollers, for example

Elastollan® for the Footwear Industry

Excellent properties, such as mechanical strength, resistance to abrasion, and slip resistance, together with a broad range of possible degrees of hardness make Elastollan® an ideal material for footwear applications. 

Elastollan® in Automobiles

Where conventional materials reach their limits, Elastollan® in vehicles can make all the difference. It is noted for its excellent surface feel and mechanics, as well as its good long-term durability. It gives freedom for a lot of design possibilities. Its strength lies in its versatility. 

Elastollan® Application Range

The applications are as manifold as its product properties: Explore the various application possibilities of Elastollan®!


Office Furniture & public seating

The requirements of the office furniture industry are high. Scratch resistance, good mechanical properties (stiffness, strength), high surface quality as well as flame retardancy. We support you with our expertise in polyurethanes and engineering plastics to find the solutions you need. 


Whether you manufacture hinge systems for furniture, lift systems for kitchens or pull out systems for drawers, our engineering plastics will ensure you achieve the highest possible Quality. 

Innovative Products

In addition to Elastollan® we offer further innovative materials. These might also be interesting for you.



Infinergy® is the world's first expanded thermoplastic polyurethane (E-TPU). This closed-cell particle foam can be used anywhere, where a combination of low weight, excellent mechanical properties and good long-term durability is required.


The antistatic additive provides a solution for electrostatic charging of plastics, giving materials longlasting antistatic properties. Supplied as masterbatch, the material is easy to process.