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Powder glue applications


Product groups for powder glue applications

Powder glues based on melamine or urea are suitable for a wide range of applications, such as for friction materials, moulding compounds, impregnations and insulation.

All our products are also available as sustainable variant.

Our portfolio

Type Product name Friction materials Moulding compounds Impregnation Glues for wood Insulating Particle glues
MF Powder Kauramin® Powder 700

MF Powder Kauramin® Powder 630

MF Powder Kauramin® Powder 651


MF Powder Kauramin® Powder 773  


UF Powder Kaurit® Powder 234  


UF Powder Kaurit® Powder 287          
UF Powder Kaurit® Powder 390        
UF Powder Basopor® Powder 293          

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