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Wood-based panels


Product groups for wood-based panels 

Discover our entire glue portfolio for wood-based panels which meets all requirements for efficient and sustainable adhesives.

All our products are also available as sustainable variant.

particle board wood

Chipboard (CB)

particle board wood

Fiberboard (MDF/HDF)

particle board wood

Pallet block

particle board wood

Oriented Strand Board (OSB)

Our portfolio

Type Product CB MDF / HDF Pallet block OSB
MUF Glue Kauramin® Glue 620

MUF Glue Kauramin® Glue 621

MUF Glue Kauramin® Glue 627

Additive Kauranat® MS 1001


UF Glue Kaurit® Glue 333

UF Glue Kaurit® Glue 335    
UF Glue Kaurit® Glue 336      
UF Glue Kaurit® Glue 337    
UF Glue Kaurit® Glue 340S    
UF Glue Kaurit® Glue 345      
UF Glue Kaurit® Glue 347S      
UF Glue Kaurit® Glue 350S      
UF Glue Kaurit® Glue 355      
MUF Glue Kaurit® Glue 410  
MUF Glue Kaurit® Glue 465    
PMDI Lupranat®  M 20 FB    
PMDI Lupranat®  M 20 R      
PMDI Lupranat®  M 20 S  
Release Agent Lupranat® Release    

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