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Product groups for wood construction 

Together with our partner, we offer a broad service and product portfolio covering many applications for glued timber construction.

All our products are also available as sustainable variant.

particle board wood

Oriented Strand Board (OSB)

particle board wood

Glued laminated wood

particle board wood


particle board wood

Solid wood panel /
Shuttering board

Our portfolio




Product name



Glued laminated wood (EN301)



Solid wood panel/Shuttering board
Hardener Kauramin® Hardener 686      
Hardener Kauramin® Hardener 1690      
Hardener Kauramin® Hardener 688      
MUF Glue Kauramin® Glue 610    
MUF Glue Kauramin® Glue 614    
MUF Glue Kauramin® Glue 620      
MUF Glue Kauramin® Glue 621      
MUF Glue Kauramin® Glue 628    
MF Powder Kauramin® Powder 630      
MUF Glue Kauramin® Glue 683      
MUF Glue Kauramin® Glue 690      
UF Glue Kaurit® Glue 285      
UF Powder Kaurit® Powder 287      
UF Glue Kaurit® Glue 329      
UF Glue Kaurit® Glue 385      
UF Powder Kaurit® Powder 390      
PMDI Lupranat®  M 20 FB      
PMDI Lupranat®  M 20 S      
Release Agent Lupranat® Release      
Hardener Hardener 88      

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We help you to reform your glued timber construction.


Claus Fueger
Specialist Application Technology


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