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Kauropal® 936

Kauropal additives are used for a variety of applications, such as a wetting agent for impregnation of synthetic resins, as a scratch protection for decorative paper, and to provide more elasticity to finishing films for furniture.



The Kauropal® brand stands for highly efficient additives in the wood-based materials industry. Kauropal® additives are aqueous polymer dispersions, free of plasticizers and solvents, which are used in a mixture with Kaurit® impregnating resins and Kauramin® impregnating resins to improve the surface tension of decorative films and the coating properties of impregnated decorative paper.


  • Significantly improved fiber wetting and penetration in impregnating resins
  • Reduction of surface tensions of aqueous impregnating resin solutions
  • High flexibility and effective coating

Product Applications

  • Boards & Panels, Decor paper, Wood
  • Decor Paper / Decor, Edges, Foils, Laminate Overlays

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