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    Wood Kaurit Light

    Kaurit Light

    Wood-based material which is produced with the new Kaurit® Light-technology consists of chipped wood, a foamed polymer (Kaurit® Light) and a binding agent (Kaurit® glue). As a result, the new wood-based panel weighs 30% less than a conventional chipboard.

    The reduced weight results in reduced transport and packaging costs. Especially for furniture, the lightness outweighs.

    Kaurit® Light boards can be produced manufactured and processed on existing equipment and with proven machines and materials. Using Polymers in wood-based materials is ecologic? Yes! – The energy saved in transport and packaging leads to a positive eco-balance. This is certified by the TÜV-approved “Ökoeffizienzanalyse”.

    Your advantages at a glance
    Manufactured on existing particle board systems
    Can be processed with conventional tools and easily edge-machined
    Reduces consumption of wood, glue, energy, and packaging material, as well as transport costs
    Eco-friendly and low-resource system solution
    Can be recycled as used wood (class A2) together with conventional particle board
    Reduced weight means easy handling

    Kaurit® Light – the new lightness

    Particleboards are extremely versatile and strong. Unfortunately, they are also rather heavy. For a long time, scientists have been looking for a real light-weight alternative. However, lightweight solutions introduced so far always had disadvantages with regard to the panel’s manufacturing or processing. Particleboards are produced with the new Kaurit ® Light-technology weigh 30% less, while being produced and manufactured on existing facilities. Thus, the Kaurit ® Light-system is a real and really light alternative.  

    What’s so new about the Kaurit ® Light technology?

    Wood-based material produced with Kaurit ® Light contains about 15-25 kilogram polymer, replacing up to 200kg wood per cubic meter. This polymer is added to the middle layer as foam beads. The result: A versatile and strong wood-based material which has even an improved moisture resistance compared to conventional particleboards.  


    To what extent does the Kaurit® Light technology affect the manufacturing and processing of wood-based material?

    The new wood-based panel can not only be produced on existing chipboard but there is no difference in the processing of the panels, too: fittings and coatings can be applied as on conventional boards. That’s why manufacturers and processers so easily benefit from this new technology. 

    Using polymers in wood-based panels as an ecological alternative?

    The Kaurit ® Light technology reduces the weight of chipboards by 30%, thus saving energy – especially with regards to transport and packaging. A positive eco-balance is achieved – proven and approved by the TÜV-acknowledged eco-efficiency analysis.  

    Kaurit® Light - simply better recycling!

    Panels made from Kaurit Light offer many advantages when it comes to recycling: Kaurit® Light panels can be sent for thermal disposal, i. e. incinerated, like conventional wood-based materials and thus be used to generate energy. Another benefit offered by incinerating a Kaurit® Light panel compared to a conventional chipboard: less nitrogen oxides and ashes are produced!