BASF provides a broad range of products and extensive specialized knowledge for the decor industry. As a leading supplier BASF offers state-of-the art resins and addiitves for paper, lacquer of plastic-based decor materials.

Plastic films
Plastic Films

More and more wood fiberboards are coated with plastic films made from vinyl, PET or ABS.
Vinyl Plasticizers
Vinyl Plasticizers

Soft vinyl coatings are applied to many different materials. These include paper (e.g. for vinyl wallpaper), flooring, cotton (e.g. for artificial leather) and polyester fabrics (e.g. for truck tarpaulins).
Paper foils and films
Paper Foils and Films

Kaurit® and Kauramin® impregnating resins are used to impregnate furniture foils and films.
Resin Additives
Resins & Additives for Furniture & Floor Coatings

Formulators serving the furniture and flooring industry aim to preserve the beauty of coated wood.