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Impregnating resins

Our product range comprises impregnating resins for overlay, counter balance and décor papers finish foil, HPL and soft-angles.

Paper foils and films

Kauramin® impregnating resins are condensates of melamine and formaldehyde. Kaurit® impregnating resins are made of urea and formaldehyde. Both impregnating resins have been specifically designed for impregnating various papers as e.g. overlay, counter balance or décor paper.

Products treated with Kauramin® and Kaurit® impregnating resins are used for the coating of laminate floors or for the production of furniture.

They are characterized by their particular visual appearance as well as by excellent adhesiveness and high scratch resistance.  


Additives by BASF

Our Kauramin® and Kaurit® range of impregnating resins is completed by Kauropal® and a series of hardeners.

Kauropal additives are used in a variety of applications, including their usage as wetting agents to impregnate resins to make laminate floors antistatic. They are also used to make the surface of decorative papers scratch resistant and to add flexibility to furniture finishing foils.

Hardeners are used, among other things, to catalyze the crosslinkeage of urea and melamine resins applied for impregnating decorative and overlay paper. The BASF product range comprises hardeners and wetting agents for all steps within the impregnating process.

The BASF product range also comprises and wetting agents for all steps within the the impregnating process.