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Kauramin® BALANCE Impregnating Resin 784

Our Brand Kauramin® encompasses a sustainable and low-emission portfolio of extremely efficient glues, hardeners and impregnating resins for the various applications for the woodworking industry.



The Kauramin® brand stands for highly efficient amino resins with a wide range of applications in the wood-based materials industry. Kauramin® impregnating resins are aqueous, condensed solutions of formaldehyde and melamine that can be used for the impregnation of decor paper and overlay paper, laminate top layer, laminate backing, as well as edges and films for the coating of wood-based panels in all common presses.


  • Portfolio supplemented by coordinated hardeners and additives
  • Universal use for the coating of wood-based materials

Product Applications

  • Decor paper
  • Decor Paper / Counteracting Laminate, Decor

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