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Wood Binders

BASF, the inventor of Kaurit® and Kauramin® glues, is producing both pMDI as well as urea-based wood binders. The brands Kaurit®, Kauramin® and Lupranat® stand for quality and reliabiliy and the cost-optimized production of wood based panels at any emission class.


BASF continuously invests in Research and Development supporting customers to optimize manufacturing cost in sight of an altering wood mix, stricter regulations and increasing cost pressure. A recent outcome is the newly developed binder technology acForm® which enables the production of moldable fiber boards that are perfectly suited for shaping and embossing technologies.

Key Benefits

  • Over 80 years of experience with BASF Kaurit® glues
  • BASF trusted quality
  • Individually tailored
  • Solutions for cost-optimized production of any wood-based material
  • Solutions for any emission standard: E1, CARB2, F**** and NAF
  • Combined expertise in amino resins, pMDI binders and acrylic binders
Kaurit Kauramin

Kaurit® and Kauramin® Glues

Kaurit® and Kauramin® glues are condensates of urea and formaldehyde. Some Kaurit® grades as well as all Kauramin® glues additionally contain melamine. The glues are specifically developed for the cost-optimized production of a broad range of wood based materials, incl. particleboards, fiberboards and OSB. BASF offers resin systems for E1, CARB2 as well as F 4 Star emission standards.

In addition to the commonly used liquid glues, we also offer a range of Kaurit® and Kauramin® powder glues. They are not only used in the furniture and wood industry, they are also used in other industries, such as raw material in the production of clutch linings in vehicles.

Lupranat Customer support

Lupranat® M20

Polymeric methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (pMDI) is a brown mixture of monomeric (2-ring) and polyaromatic (3-ring and higher species) methylene diphenyl diisocyanates, which is liquid at room temperature.
PMDI is used as a wood binder for the production of wood-based panels as well as an accelerator for the production of particle boards with amino resins. BASF offers a range of products with varying reactivities and supports customers to optimize manufacturing cost in their panel production.


Kauranat® MS 1001

Kauranat® MS 1001 is BASF’s innovative product for the efficient production of chipboard. This pMDI-based product works synergistically with amino resins, such as those of the Kaurit® brand. This results in increased productivity, without compromising product quality whatsoever. 

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With acForm®, BASF offers a groundbreaking binder technology for curved and deeply structured wood fiberboards. The new BASF resin acForm® represents the first dispersion-based binder worldwide for the blowline process and enables the production of 3D moldable wood fiberboards (3MF). These boards are perfectly suited for shaping and embossing technologies, adding a new dimension to the furniture and interior design industry.

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